May Kwento Ako #28 : No Name Ramen-discovered @ Kyoto

One early Sunday morning, I found myself facing google maps to find a nearby Roman Catholic Church to attend Sunday service. As I triangulated my location to the 3 Roman Catholic churches nearest my hotel, my next move would be where to go for brunch. I woke up hungry as I seem to be everyContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #28 : No Name Ramen-discovered @ Kyoto”

May Kwento Ako #22 : A Pinoy Pitches Milan. Incredible.

      As fate would have it, in cooperation with the Philippine Italian Association (PIA) and with Dr Becky Singson, I have been invited to pitch my perspectives on Milan through my lens after an intimate dinner. Initially, the thought was just just to share some of my photos taken in Milan last year.Continue reading “May Kwento Ako #22 : A Pinoy Pitches Milan. Incredible.”

May Kwento Ako #21 : What is with Kobe Beef ? Wagyu?

We found ourselves in the fabled Kobe. Far from how I envisioned this world famous place to be, as I earlier imagined this place to be full of cows, farms and hays. With slopping terrain. Lots of grass and sunshine. No, no, no. It is a city with a Port, with hundreds, if not thousandsContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #21 : What is with Kobe Beef ? Wagyu?”

May Kwento Ako #13 : BOEUCC, a Milanese Classic

When I was ushered to a nice table in a good section of this restaurant, I immediately liked what was around me. It looked solid, established and with a decent history. It would make a perfect setting for a Mafia-related movie, I thought. When the waiter introduced himself to me, I wanted to chuckle. HeContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #13 : BOEUCC, a Milanese Classic”