May Kwento Ako #55 : Meeting Nobu Chef Matsuhisa

I have to thank friends for pointing me to this direction. First, I asked where to go for Sunday Mass. There was one Roman Catholic Church literally outside the window where I was staying in but I would not be able to understand most of the Sunday Service. Hence, I went to a nice chapelContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #55 : Meeting Nobu Chef Matsuhisa”

May Kwento Ako #54 : After almost 80 Days of Quarantine

I did not experience what some refer to as “Cabin Fever”. I don’t know why. Perhaps, because I am ok to live quietly. And I am ok with my setup at home. I just have to make sure that I have water, food and ConvergeICT, my fiber internet supplier that did not fail me. AndContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #54 : After almost 80 Days of Quarantine”

May Kwento Ako #53 : Ahoy there, Turtle Island!

On board a banca, enroute to a marine sanctuary called Danjugan Island Sanctuary, one will not miss this twin island called the Turtle Island. At first, I thought it was funny and quite pretentious that we would actually have islands in the Philippines with such a name. Or perhaps, it was just made up. ButContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #53 : Ahoy there, Turtle Island!”

May Kwento Ako #52 : A Trip to Balanan Lake, in Negros Oriental

I hope to return to this placid lake once again. With a few friends, we boarded a small boat and crossed this expansive lake. Despite being born in this country, I did not realise how many more beautiful places I am actually seeing for the first time. And very thankful to the family that broughtContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #52 : A Trip to Balanan Lake, in Negros Oriental”

May Kwento Ako No. 51 : Blissful Experience Under Paris, not so long ago.

We all travel for many reasons. Some travels to escape. Some travel to experience new things in life. Some to learn more about self. With this Pandemic that we are all going through now, I will be sharing more of my treasured moments which awed me. Some of you may find it common and banalContinue reading “May Kwento Ako No. 51 : Blissful Experience Under Paris, not so long ago.”

May Kwento Ako No. 50 : Meeting and Greeting Rodolfo “Opi” Sadler

I must have met Opi Sadler in 2014 or thereabouts when he came to Manila. In the world of Oenology aka the profession of wine making, Opi is a Rock Star ! This post is specially being written to wish Opi a very happy birthday! Opi is a proud father, a son, a big bikeContinue reading “May Kwento Ako No. 50 : Meeting and Greeting Rodolfo “Opi” Sadler”

May Kwento Ako No. 49 : Tasting Argentina

All I can say is that I did not find any bad food or any bad steak in any of the restaurants that I went to. Some, admittedly were good to very good. Several were excellent when you throw in the ambiance. I couldn’t help but regal in the beauty and effort that they didContinue reading “May Kwento Ako No. 49 : Tasting Argentina”

May Kwento Ako No. 48 : Buenos Aires has a modern side.

Yes! There is a modern side to Buenos Aires. A very modern side. Concrete, steel, glass. One would not guess that this hub is in the Buenos Aires that we pictured it to be. I think it is also a beautiful side. I really did not think that this place existed in this city. ItContinue reading “May Kwento Ako No. 48 : Buenos Aires has a modern side.”