May Kwento Ako #24 : Fidenza, near Milan has a shopping mecca

  Italy is certainly known for many places, architecture, food, fashion, history and much more. My trip to Milan fortunately, included a trip to the Fidenza Village Outlet.  It was about an hour’s drive going Southeast, just minutes before you hit another world-famous town called Parma. This outlet was very spacious, quite colorful, clean andContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #24 : Fidenza, near Milan has a shopping mecca”

May Kwento Ako #22 : A Pinoy Pitches Milan. Incredible.

      As fate would have it, in cooperation with the Philippine Italian Association (PIA) and with Dr Becky Singson, I have been invited to pitch my perspectives on Milan through my lens after an intimate dinner. Initially, the thought was just just to share some of my photos taken in Milan last year.Continue reading “May Kwento Ako #22 : A Pinoy Pitches Milan. Incredible.”