May Kwento Ako #31 : This Photo cost me Euro 10! Expensive Lah!!

One afternoon, while we were walking the busy streets, I saw this brightly dressed “young girl” with white makeup like that of a geisha except that she wasn’t Japanese.  I wanted to take her photo until she volunteered for the photo to be with me.  I asked my friend to take my photo with her.Continue reading “May Kwento Ako #31 : This Photo cost me Euro 10! Expensive Lah!!”

May Kwento Ako #14 : Art for Art’s Sake

This was a BIG experience for me to see, study beautiful art by artists from all over the world. Located about a 5-10 minute walk from the SMN train station, the venue was quite large but easy. The room temperature was comfortable and all in one level. And entrance charge was not expensive. There wasContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #14 : Art for Art’s Sake”