May Kwento Ako No. 40 : A Reunion of Sorts

It is not everyday that the six of us are able to partake in a meal together. Modern day challenges with family members living in different parts of the globe or even just the country, quite common in most families for a long time now.

Each on has his own strength, completing the other or likely the rest. I wonder if people know this of themselves. How about if one is an only child, I now wonder.

But it remains exciting nonetheless when we’re together. At this point, each one of us has their interesting stories to tell and their continuing journey of experiences and self-discovery.

I now prefer bigger fonts so they are easier for me to read.

Published by Oskie Ravanera

Looking forward to 65 Meanwhile, here is “May Kwento Ako” series ... ( in Filipino means ‘I have a story’ ). This Blog was created as a journal of my discoveries. Hopefully, in my old age, i will be able to go back to these and be glad that i did what i did.

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