May Kwento Ako #29 : Kimono, Yukata and the Sukajan.



Amazed to discover that Kimono-clad ladies and Yukata-clad gentlemen are a common site in some places in Japan still.  I felt like a spinning top when I cross paths with people wearing them.





Thank you to dear Sandie for capturing this moment.  Of course, I was thrilled that you caught me in this stance.  But now, I am 😦


Somewhere in the Gion area, I come across this upscale gentleman’s specialty store, located in the 2nd floor.  Everything you need your a proper bespoke Yukata and gentleman’s kimono, at its finest are available here.  I discovered this store through it’s instagram account.

Address : 589, Giommachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0074  Telephone Number : +81 75-551-3610



A very popular but in reality a few centuries’ old Japanese design and pattern.


The next feature is how the a gentleman’s obi is setup.  I would like to thank the proprietors of this store for allowing me to capture this to be featured in my blog.

So, I will know how to put on mine.  : D


One of those rare times when the photographer is photographed.  Nicely.


And now, for the Sukajan!  For the #bagets.  Most of the expensive jackets, US$300 – US$500 approximate price made from satin have these elaborate embrodered patches and stitching.  Really awesome!  I gotta have a couple of these some day.  Not sure how and where I’d wear them, though.  Available in Kyoto and Osaka.  And everywhere else, probably.

Hello, calling middle age crisis!!


I blog because these memories are for me to read in the future.  As I pickup moments that will no longer come back.

Happy to have been prompted time and again by a dear friend to get my a** out of my chair, go out there and take photos.


Published by Oskie Ravanera

Looking forward to 65 Meanwhile, here is “May Kwento Ako” series ... ( in Filipino means ‘I have a story’ ). This Blog was created as a journal of my discoveries. Hopefully, in my old age, i will be able to go back to these and be glad that i did what i did.

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