May Kwento Ako #7 : Torcello

In a not so distant past, a friend who has long been based in Venezia took me around some of the sights most have yet to discover.  Makes it more interesting for me, a budding photographer.

Like a little boy, I followed.  As we rode the vaporetto then walked quite a bit, we got to the place and then, he says this is the Torcello Cathedral.  Also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta.  Before Venezia’s famous St Mark’s Basilica was built.  He knows my fondness for chapels, churches and basilicas.  Architecture, in general.   The older, the better.

Founded in 639 A.D.   While the original church was smaller, it forms part of what we see today.  I cannot imagine the full history that this Basilica has been a witness to.  A refuge to many.  Throughout the wars, the plagues.

I am glad that people have continued to care for this Cathedral.

Published by Oskie Ravanera

Looking forward to 65 Meanwhile, here is “May Kwento Ako” series ... ( in Filipino means ‘I have a story’ ). This Blog was created as a journal of my discoveries. Hopefully, in my old age, i will be able to go back to these and be glad that i did what i did.

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