May Kwento Ako #62 : Sharing A Milan Experience

This post is related to my post tagged as May Kwento Ako #26 which I chanced upon just moments ago. I actually thought I had misplaced my pitch in my heaps of #%@#$% and busy-ness. So I am posting it here. Now as I write this, I am thinking, I should add some nice musicContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #62 : Sharing A Milan Experience”

May Kwento Ako #60 : A Neighborhood Directory of Covid19 – Testing Centers

Thoughout the recent months of quarantine, I have had to rely mostly on sources shared by friends and neighbours through Viber groups, Facebook, etc. To make it easier for me to go back to, I have decided to build this directory for our future reference. We are in this together. But the names and numbersContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #60 : A Neighborhood Directory of Covid19 – Testing Centers”