May Kwento Ako #12 : The Letter O in Photos

Here is me being silly.

O, the first letter of my name I thought of as a bore for years.  And that other letters seemed to be more interesting. Hahaha.  Because it had more twists and turns. It had style, drama. My O seemed plain.

I prefer my O the way it is. Simple. Quiet. Lucky me. Lord, please …. let’s keep it this way.

More and more I am convinced that my parents and my teachers taught me well. And in my God.

To our Chinese brothers, O is similar in shape to the number 0.  For infinity.

So my journey indeed continues to be at peace, make peace and keep the peace.

Published by Oskie Ravanera

Looking forward to 65 Meanwhile, here is “May Kwento Ako” series ... ( in Filipino means ‘I have a story’ ). This Blog was created as a journal of my discoveries. Hopefully, in my old age, i will be able to go back to these and be glad that i did what i did.

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