May Kwento Ako #61 : A few stories and my photographs Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte

By the entrance of the Chateaux Vaux Le Vicompte

I am so thankful for this Video from YouTube’s worldfrombeyondHD for enlightening me with more details about this fabled and storied chateaux. To the folks behind this feature, I would like to send my appreciation.

And to Doctor Joel Estanislao for taking some fine photos of me. As a tourist traveling with a camera, rarely do I have good photos of myself.

The beauty of the Chateaux lies in the many stories some almost forgotten. In the tv series, Versailles, someone whispered that because it was impossible to use the palace for the film shooting, they scouted for the next best venue and ended up filming in this Chateaux.

I have to search more stories about the people that built this and those that lived here. The immense stories and the tragedies shadowing the happy times that lay hidden behind its thick walls.

The other stories lie in the YouTube documentary attached. Lest not forget the visuals, the experiences and the lessons.

Photo taken from the terrace. A view that was once admired by kings and nobles. There’s more to this property that I obviously missed.
From inside the Chateaux. Awesome, isn’t it?
How they did their accents inside the Chateaux.
They were true masters back in the day. A study of texture and the proportion here done just right.
The balance and composition were never too little nor too much for me.
The facade….imagine this being built before the Palace of Versailles was expanded to what we now know it to be. A study of clean symmetry.
The rear side of the Chateaux is just as magnificent as the facade of the main entrance.

May Kwento Ako #60 : A Neighborhood Directory of Covid19 – Testing Centers

  1. Covid Testing Centers in Alabang, Eastwood and Makati

2. Covid Testing Center in Ayala Avenue Extension, Makati

3. Covid Testing Center in Poblacion, Makati

Thoughout the recent months of quarantine, I have had to rely mostly on sources shared by friends and neighbours through Viber groups, Facebook, etc. To make it easier for me to go back to, I have decided to build this directory for our future reference. We are in this together. But the names and numbers may change so please do not blame me.

Will delete this post once the Covid19 virus has been totally blasted from Earth.

  1. HealthFirst Clinic, Reliance United : Call 0919 056 0490 (Smart); Text 0916 723 1206. 9AM – 5 PM Monday – Saturday. Located in Alabang, Eastwood, Makati, etc.

2. AEGLE Wellness Center : Call/Text 0917 821 9795, 0949 889 6237 (Smart), 02 8737 0077. Email

3. Project Safe Ph : For antigen testing for Php 3,000. Location : Matilde Street in nearby Poblacion. Contact Person : Mr Josh Aquino +63 917 817 1246, : or through Project Safe Ph in Facebook.

4. Executive Screening Center : For antigen testing. Location : 8th Floor of the Centuria Medical Makati near the Century Mall where the International School used to be.

5. One Hospital Command Center is in a referral facility centre for the Metro Manila area. An initiative of the Department of Health in cooperation with the MMDA and other branches of the government.

6. LabMobilePh

Covid19 Health Facility Referral Center in Metro Manila

Covid19 Testing Center


8. More recent additions to this page.

October 27, 2020

9. And another.

October 27, 2020

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May Kwento Ako #58 : Bright White can be exciting in Apartments

Black as an accent color
The black and white artworks add magnetic details to a home.
Staircase leading to the bedroom with ensuite toilet and bathroom
The masters bedroom upstairs
Nice setup as viewed from the staircase
The kitchen by the Front Door
As one enters

Masters’ Bedroom in the upper

section of this loft.

This Living Room is a good place for some afternoon cocktails.

This rental property in Makati is available for rent and belongs to a friend.

I keep loosing the photos sent to me and so I am posting them here for easy finding in the future.

Tropical Living can still be very sophisticated, modern and efficient.