May Kwento Ako #42 : The Climb up to the Acropolis Hill of Athens

The Acropolis Hill is worth the trip to Athens and the climb. After all, it is dated 4 millenia before Christ’s death (BCD). And large enough to host many historical landmarks, most of which are in great shape considering the thousands of years that have passed but many are “under renovation”. This hill is notContinue reading “May Kwento Ako #42 : The Climb up to the Acropolis Hill of Athens”

May Kwento Ako No. 40 : A Reunion of Sorts

It is not everyday that the six of us are able to partake in a meal together. Modern day challenges with family members living in different parts of the globe or even just the country, quite common in most families for a long time now. Each on has his own strength, completing the other orContinue reading “May Kwento Ako No. 40 : A Reunion of Sorts”

May Kwento Ako No. 39 : Post-Corporate Life

So happy to have spent time with Irene Ibanez and some of her recent fine art watercolors on giclee archival paper. Irene since retiring as top remarketeer for IBM reseller of AS/400s and S/36s, SSI has been busy being a wife, mom, entrepreneur and more recently fine art watercolorist.  👩🏻‍🎨 She remains good friends with manyContinue reading “May Kwento Ako No. 39 : Post-Corporate Life”