May Kwento Ako #62 : Sharing A Milan Experience

This post is related to my post tagged as May Kwento Ako #26 which I chanced upon just moments ago. I actually thought I had misplaced my pitch in my heaps of #%@#$% and busy-ness. So I am posting it here.

Now as I write this, I am thinking, I should add some nice music for the background but I am not sure how to make that possible. For now, please consider this as a “silent feature”.

Oftentimes, we see great works by people done in recent years. Some many years ago. But many here were painstakingly done centuries ago so I thought of paying homage to the artisans of the times and the politics that went to people’s lives back in the day when all were handmade and planned without the use of computers and photoshop, etc.

Hope to see you again, Milan as I know life will not be the same again for many of us.

Stay safe all.

Published by Oskie Ravanera

Looking forward to 60. Meanwhile, here is “May Kwento Ako” series ... ( in Filipino means ‘I have a story’ ). This Blog was created as a journal of my discoveries. Hopefully, in my old age, i will be able to go back to these and be glad that i did what i did.

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